Our Story

Our Story

ApelieRobotic's origins are back to 2019 , wen our CEO,Arch. Lucas Jagodnik, decide to build a robot for one of his companies. this robot was meant to demolish an 8 estorey buildings in 2 monts. the goal was achived and a dream began.

At first , we werw a bunch of curious people doing research and testing. as the year went by, we consolidate our team and developed 3 parallel projects in which we developed prototypes and validations.

This brought us a wealth of experience a know-how which we nowadays apply in every project and solution we offer.

Not only do we focus in robotics , but also in AI processes and data analyses to provide whole picture solutions.

We are a group of enthusiasts composed of engineers , vets , developers, designers , architects and makers, which trully believe in robotics as the future of tedious and dangerous tasks. We want to revolutionize those industries in which people can and must have the support of a friendly robot.

Other Projects

it is a ligthweigth , intelligent , autonomous and modular electric robot designed for industrial and comercial internal logistics it navigates autonomously in dynamic enviroments cohabited with humans.

it is anintelligent , autonomous and modular electric robot for agriculture.